• Opening Louvre Roof System

    Transform your outdoor living space with our extensive range of aesthetically pleasing and benchmark designed Operable Louvre Roof Systems. Control your own environment in all seasons and enjoy ultimate flexibility with visually stunning customised style and elegance all with the flick of a switch…

    Sun Louvres

    Sleek, refined and sophisticated our external Sun Louvres are designed to offer remarkable privacy and comfort, ventilation and complete environmental control in all residential and commercial settings. Combining a contemporary approach with high quality and versatility our sun louvres are supplied both fixed and moveable offering a cohesive shading solution to any home or business…

    Retractable Roofs
    Retractable Roofs

    Architectural contemporary Roof Systems, engineered with a Motorised Retractable Roof ensures high quality and complete weather protection for all types of outdoor areas. We provide Retractable Roofs for all Residential and Commercial Applications to suit your customised specifications and guarantee year round comfort…


    Seashell 180 Degrees

    Seashell 180 Degrees

    Seashell 180 Degrees Awnings are unique and are like no other awning available. The retractable 180 degrees seashell awning is incredibly strong, protects your property or business from the heaviest rain and the most dangerous heat as well as being an amazing asset, looking great from any angle. You can leave your awning open all summer and winter, with no posts needed or close it for the beautiful perfect day not affected by any weather.

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    The 90 Degree Seashell Corner Awning

    Seashell 90 Degrees

    Do you have a tight corner that needs an amazing cover? The Seashell 90 Degrees is the perfect awning for shade in those awkward tight corners. Durable to last all types of weathers and any season, the Seashell 90 Degrees awning is your elegant but extremely strong awning that will have your friends and family complimenting your house for years to come.

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    Seashell 360 Degrees

    Seashell Awning

    The 360 – free standing full circle Awning

    The beautiful full circle awning is a must have if you have a large balcony or patio area, this sea shell is so unique and suits any setting. The Seashell 360 degrees awning can handle heavy rain and strong, you can leave it open for months and even forget about it all year and when needed you’ll be able to close it with no problem.

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    Roof Awning

    Roof Awning

    Motorised System to go over a structure or skylight

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    Retractable Roof System

    Are you looking for that extra edge to your resident or business. A retractable roof system is a 100% waterproof solution and a great asset to your property all year round. To be able to extend your roof to protect yourself from Melbourne’s hot sun or protect your property from the wind and rain is great but also having your choice of whether you would prefer to enjoy the heat and blue skies or protect yourself from the rain and wind is having luxury at your fingertips is another story.

    If you are searching for reputable company in Melbourne offering a retractable roof system that is suitable for any kind of commercial or residential property then look no further than Structures by Design. We supply and install a range of high quality products that are designed to protect you and your property from the any type of weather.

    Are you after this kind of luxury upgrade at your fingertips to decide at anytime – contacting Structures by Design is Melbournes go to company for any retractable roof system.

    Call (03) 9095 7585 or email sales@structuresbydesign.com.au

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    Retractable Pool Roof

    Retractable Pool Roof

    Structures by Design proudly bring Melbournes best Retractable Pool Roofs, custom made to fit your pool. A great asset to your pool area – Retractable Pool Roofs keep your pools clean and safe. It is easily controlled by a push of a button and can accommodate for all seasons.

    Now you can enjoy your pool whenever you like – without worrying about if it is too cold or too late! Retractable Pool Roofs look fantastic and is a must for this year.

    Looking to have a Retractable Pool Roof created, look no further. Structures by Design are Melbournes go to company for all Retractable Pool Roofs.

    Call (03) 9095 7585 or email sales@structuresbydesign.com.au for more information on Retractable Pool Roof. If you are also looking for a Shade Sail for your home or business please go to Shade Sail Melbourne page for more information

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    Retractable Pergola Melbourne

    Retractable Pergola

    Wanting to enjoy the outdoors on a hot or chilli day? Having a Custom Made fully retractable pergola can fix that for you. Structures by Design can accommodate to all your needs with a beautifully designed Custom made fully retractable pergola that is suitable for all seasons.

    A fantastic Retractable Pergola can be custom designed to fit into any kind of outdoor area, it makes any environment look aestectically pleasing whether it is for your home, restaurant, cafe, hotel, business.

    Call (03) 9095 7585 or email sales@structuresbydesign.com.au for more information on Custom made fully retractable pergolas. If you are also looking for a Shade Sail for your home or business please go to Louvres Melbourne page for more information.

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    Motorised Retractable Roof

    Motorised Retractable Roof

    Motorised Retractable Roof systems are suitable for use in any weather conditions. Whether you are looking for a Motorised Retractable Roof System for residential or commercial purposes, we can help create the perfect custom made roof system to meet the needs of your home, business property, needs of a restaurant, bar or commercial project.

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    Privacy Screen Sails

    Do you feel you don’t have privacy in your own back yard? Wanting to enjoy sunbathing by the pool or do some gardening without feeling like someone can see you all the time? Structures by Design have a great solution for you – a Privacy Screen sail! Servicing and installing Privacy Screen sails throughout the whole of Melbourne, we work with you to create a unique design that caters and enhances your property. Structures by Design work with you to have a modern, professional look for your home.

    Block out unwanted onlooker and spend your time in peace and privacy of your own home or business.

    If you are interested in getting a Privacy Screen Sail installed then call (02) 9095 7585 or email sales@structuresbydesign.com.au

    We also offer the best Shade Sails in Melbourne

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    Retractable Awnings

    Looking to get a retractable awning installed? Great idea. Structures by Design are Melbournes go to company when it comes to Shade Sail Installations and retractable awnings installation. Retractable awnings are great, unique and easy way to protect and shade your windows and patios with any frames or posts in the ground. You will find that they are compact and very stylish but at the same time able to cover and protect a large area of your deck.

    Retractable awnings are found and common for pool areas, balconies, patios, cafes and restaurants, it makes your outdoor space look amazing while protecting and any area below it is free from obstruction.

    If you are interested in getting a retractable awning installed then call (02) 9095 7585 or email sales@structuresbydesign.com.au

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    Canopy Awning

    Canopy Awnings

    Canopy awnings are the best for your shop or home front, they are designed and installed to be low maintenance and long lasting and at the same time creating an amazing look protecting your property at the same time. There are variety of ways to have a Canopy awning protecting your windows, doors or shopfronts. Make your business stand out from the crowd and get a Canopy Awning installed to protect your property for years to come.

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    Operable Louvres

    If you’re looking to adding an amazing and modern to your property Operable Louvres is what you should get. Louvres systems can be installed indoors and outdoors and can be designed and installed to be fully responsive to all weather conditions as well as maximise airflow and protecting the indoors from the weather, as well as reducing noise.

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    Louvre Opening Roof

    Louvre Opening Roof Image

    A Louvre Opening Roof is an amazing asset and add on to compliment any surrounding. You can enjoy your summers day with a little bit of shade and then you can enjoy the stars but quickly protect yourself during a sudden shower. Similar to our Shade Structures, Louvre Opening Roofs are a premium high-end product but are well worth it due to their long life span, impecable modern design and practicality factor. Structures by Design are Melbournes Number 1 Company when it comes to Shade Sails and Louvre Opening Roofs, call us now – you won’t be disappointed.  Our Louvre Aluminium Roof System is suitable for both domestic and commercial settings, with motorised operation and rain sensor as standard.

    Few options for a Louvre Opening Roof are:
    Motorised louvres, which can include wind and rain sensors, are perfect for your home.
    Retractable roofs are also very popular and, like the louvre roofs, can totally enclose an area and essentially create another covered space.
    Fixed louvres is another option that we offer to block out unwanted views.

    Would like more information on Shade Sails or Louvre Opening Roofs, then call Structures by Design on (03) 9095 7585 or email sales@structuresbydesign.com.au


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    Framed Shade Structure

    Framed Shade Structure

    Engineer Certified Steel Shade Structure with Waterproof or Shade Cloth Membrane accustomed to you desire.

    Frame Shade Structures is a fantastic choice and is a better alternative to your standard shade sail as Frame Shade Structures can provide better shade due the to outside edges being lower than the centre of the structure. One of the advantages of a Frame Shade Structure is they are made to be over a tall section of playground equipments and are used as a quality cover over large areas like swimming pools, basketball courts, playgrounds and something as small as a sand pit.

    Framed Shade Structures are your most cost-effective way of covering larger areas, they are perfectly suited to school and council playground areas and is a great asset as well as protecting you and the ones you love. Engineer Certified Steel Shade Structure with Waterproof or Shade Cloth Membrane accustomed to you desire.

    All Structures By Design staff are specifically developed and trained to deliver each and every project on time and on budget, you can be sure you are dealing with Melbourne’s best with Frame Shade Structures.

    If you’re after a quality Frame Shade Structures that will protect you all year round- call us now on (03) 9095 7585 or email sales@structuresbydesign.com.au


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    Carpark Shade Structure

    Carpark Shade Structure

    Keep your car, business vehicles or public vehicles clean and dry under one of our custom designed and engineered shade structures

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