St Kilda – Opening Louvre Roof

Through word of mouth, the home owner of this high end, recently refurbished and luxurious St Kilda penthouse apartment contacted Louvre Lux and Structures by Design with a definite product in mind however lacking the design and execution methods. Both front and back balconies required shade protection with Louvres the obvious fit as his prime, beachfront location allowed heavy exposure to sunlight through his large front windows along with rapid northernly winds.This was also evident at the back as there was an existing floor to roof skylight incased in glass which proved frustrating in all seasons as rainfall produced loud noise and accumulated mess whilst summer meant the room was inhabitable due the extreme heat as a result of it being all glass and no shade.What seemed to be a straight forward job began to prove challenging with access an obvious issue along with the irregular shape of the front balcony and the glass obstacle at the back.

Eager for the challenge our design team began works with 3D modelling and renders seeing various alterations to the front existing pergola which would now account for two corresponding louvre bays varying in both width and projection whilst providing the most architecturally pleasing effect in moderating within the existing balcony structures as if it was meant to be there. Moving to the back the skylight was no longer needed and with the mission to create a usable living area a combination of both louvres and insulated roof paneling seemed fit forthe job. This meant screens would extend from the building covering the exposed skylight and providing adequate insulation as it connects to two projecting louvre bays covering the whole back balcony.

Careful discussions with the client and thoroughly including them on our design process allowed for visualization and with both ends content we submitted permits and began engineer certification. All our operable louvre roof systems require permits and engineer compliance and we offer this service as a one stop shop with full procurement
of all our projects to allow for an easier and efficient project!!

Aluminum beams where powder coated to match and screwed to the existing pergola along with extensive flashing and guttering work to accommodate the circular building form and other structures. Louvres where cut to size on site with bays considerably varying in size to accommodate surroundings however once completed the combination of Jasper flashings and gutters with Pearl White Louvres looked stunning instantly providing a noticeable edge and premium upgrade to the penthouse apartment not only providing an undisturbed view with complete weather control but doing so whilst looking even better from the streets below.

Moving to the back we constructed the steel framing with matching white aluminum beams protruding out from the glass room to cover the whole balcony. Two symmetrical bays in line with the middle doorway of the house bolted down to the existing bottom pre cast. The steel work and beams where then wrapped with Dune flashing and gutters before tracks where carefully installed along with the Pearl White Louvres. Lastly where the insulatedpanels which slotted in comfortably above the skylight and between the existing building and our newly installed opening louvre roof.

Owners where instantly wrapped with the finished outcome enhancing the front iconic St Kilda view and sunsets with control of light and weather meaning it can be enjoyed from every angle, while identifying the penthouse from its neighbors. The back balcony has created a whole new living and entertainment area adding significant value to the apartment with absolutely no restrictions throughout all seasons of the year.Completed on time and on budget we are wrapped with the client’s level of satisfaction and with our work efforts.

Client: Residential (Private)
Location: St Kilda
Cost: $82k
Programme: 4 weeks design, engineering and permits, 2.5 week build

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