Church St Brighton Aerolux

Architects Design21 reached out to our Louvre Lux team with a high-end large-scale renovation of a beautiful Edwardian residential home in the heart of Brighton with their clear incentive to incorporate a modern touch to the existing home. An extended backyard alfresco and pool area was being constructed with heightened ceilings and an open planned living with a void created for an operable louvre solution. Our Aerolux Louvre system was the right fit for this space allowing full tilt operation for light and ventilation comfort levels along with complete retractability for adaptability and homeowner choice.

As the system is constructed by offsite prefabrication our team of specialists conducted an extensive onsite visit gathering required dimensions, comparing drawings and spec sheets and finalizing plumbing requirements before the system was ordered. To add to luxurious vibe of this Brighton mansion the owner deciding on multiple extras such as retrofit LED strip lighting, LED multi-colour party lights, and insulated louvres for added warmth and acoustic comfort completing this roof as a year round solution and comfortable space with full use of the area despite Melbourne’s fluctuating weather conditions.

All our operable louvre roof systems require permits and engineer compliance and we offer this service as a one stop shop with full procurement

of all our projects to allow for an easier and efficient project!!

With dimensions undertaken carefully and with precision the build went according to plan, upon arrival we packed out the two ends and bolted the motor and projected side beams to the structural timber in the void before carefully raising the heavier gutter beams containing the louvre components into their required positions via duct lifter. Minor adjustments to the connection details had to be made due to access from the roof and once fastened we were able to position the motors and undertake the electrical fit off for multiple lighting LED extras. Each Aerolux system is fitted with two Somfy Motors, one for the Tilt function and second for the retract function.

Finally, louvres were installed and the Somfy Motor limits set for the roofs retract operation and once fully operational the Aerolux Roof System spoke for itself integrating effortlessly with the surrounding environment and serving its full purpose and client’s requirements in stunning fashion. Providing complete freedom and control we were incredibly pleased with the end result and hope the client makes full use of their outdoor living area. The team at Design21 were incredibly easy to work with and we’re grateful for the opportunity to present our benchmark shade solution, we look forward to working with them in the future.

Client: Design 21 Architects
Location: Brighton
Cost: $40k
Programme: 3 month prefabrication process, 2.5 days on site for installations


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