Camberwell – Opening Louvre Roof

Suburban homeowners of a lovely traditional home located in the heart of Camberwell reached out to us with an idea seeking advice. With minor renovations being undertaken they contacted us in need of a high quality, premium pergola to be constructed in their large front yard which was well secluded however was clearly lacking something. A square area accessible from the living area and kitchen with a concrete slab soon to be paved and overlooking the garden was needed to be covered however over compensation was an issue as some sort of outdoor environment needed to be maintained with the garden a huge factor as well as protection to the back windows as warmer summer months saw heavy sunshine getting through. Ideally a customized bespoke retractable shade structure with open and closing motor functions was desired to create a new space meaning our Retractable Roof and Opening Louvre Roof where the suitable and preferred systems however short discussions pointed towards the Louvre Roof.

Adopting a new design method we decided to shorten the projection of one bay to create a irregular “L” shape that was not only unique and specifically made for this setting but accommodated for the necessary open space required by the client with greater exposure to the garden and following the existing house form work, blending seamlessly with the surroundings. As the first Louvre bay along with existing patio provided adequate shelter the shortened projection of the second Louvre bay proved significant and positive in this situation. Final designs where happily agreed upon and steelworks where fabricated.

Our build started with bolting our Ironstone aluminum which followed the existing house colour to the brickwork and working our way off the house with careful connection detailing on the bay closest to the house accommodating for an existing downpipe and C- Section steel facia beam. Our posts where positioned at the furthest point on the concrete slab with bolt down possible due to the thickness. Final frameworks saw the first Louvre bay at an almost 5000mm projection whilst the second finished at 2860mm both with identical widths of 2850mm. Tracks where installed with motor connection running through the central beam and into the roof of the house and louvres where cut to size and positioned in Pearl White.

Once aligned and motorized the Opening Louvre Roof spoke for itself integrating perfectly with the existing house and serving its full purpose and clients’ needs in stunning fashion. LouvreLux Opening Louvre Roof was the perfect choice rotating open to an almost 360 degrees providing complete weather protection. Clients and SBD team where rapped with the finished Louvre product.

Client: Residential (Private)
Location: Camberwell, VIC
Cost: 27k
Programme: 1 month

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